Monday, January 10, 2011

Joe in the news

The first link will probably only work today, but the article should stay up for a while. For this year's eagle count at Lake Mead the media guys spent the day on our boat, and interviewed Joe. It was a  fun event, also not a bad final farewell to the Lake.

This is a brief video with Joe's interview and other highlights of the trip:

This is the article explaining the purpose of the eagle count and the survey procedures:

*Regular posts will soon resume. We are in the throws of moving, and... EEK!!!


Carol said...

Love the picture of you with your face covered--I'd recognize the eyes anywhere (they were your eyes, weren't they?) Great article!

Ron said...

you've got a great job!! I enjoy the posts about the outdoors, and yup, that was you with the eyes only exposed on the boat. don't envy you're moving, though...