Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What we've got going on here.

In our haste to leave to leave southern Nevada, we foolishly left a few valuable pieces of furniture behind. Matter of fact, the only furniture we bothered to bring was our bed, and even that was subject to dispute.  There was an enormous sense of urgency during our 36-hour packing spree, in part because we were already leaving a few days later than planned, but also because neither of us knows how to pack with any organizational tact so it was a chaotic free-for-all.  Now that we’re here (and still scratching our heads about that very fact) it appears that a little more thought would have gone a long way. Case in point:

Note the empty Home Depot boxes that serve as both desk and personal dinner tray. Our seating options at time of writing consist of camp chair or floor, take your pick. As for all the other stuff scattered around, well, where else are we going to put it? See, the rest of the house looks… worse come to think of it.  Imagine coming home to this every day:

There are a few hurdles blocking the way to domestic bliss: 1) the colossal waste associated with buying new things—packaging, manufacturing costs, shipping, etc. 2) the money required to buy new things. 3) A lack of classy garage sales (maybe that pee stained couch is better off burned…). 4) Thrift stores here don’t seem to cater to the choosy-cheap.

Let it be stated that there is no glory in living in a make-shift apartment, a kick back to our early 20’s. No, I am an adult and I want adult things, like a shelving unit and a kitchen table! But, certainly some good will come of this—we’ve already compiled an extensive list of “what not to do next time”, so we've got that going for us.


Carol said...

Sad, so sad. But, look at the bright side--you won't have much to move the next time you move. IKEA online has some pretty good deals--just saying.

Ron said...

Interesting as I was thinking I once got by with cinder blocks holding up 2X10 boards with my stereo and speakers and tv, then you said you're adult and want adult things, but I was an adult when I had my 2x10 boards and just happy to be home safe from the Army, maybe you can buy a good saw and make some stuff.. whew... Keep whinning, it's fun to read.

Brenda said...

Hope things are getting settled. I have not had cell service for the past 2 days - icy rain. Lousy AT&T