Saturday, December 22, 2012

A nice pick-me-up

Joe's brother sent me this video yesterday. I was laughing so hard that we had to pause it while I caught my breath so we didn't miss anything. Then, this morning we watched it again and it was just as funny, though I can't really figure out why. Maybe because it's just so ridiculous. Naturally, I have sent it to my grandparents.

It's just over 3 minutes, and highly entertaining. If you watch it, I'd love to know if you found it as funny as I did, and what your favorite part was. Without trying to spread my influence, I really liked the pencil section.


And while I'm on here spreading information, here is a video that will help clear up any confusion you may have experienced when thinking about the Netherlands. It's also very short, and pretty interesting, but it moves quick so get ready!

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope the next few days are just perfect!


Just Carol said...

I think "no comment" is probably the best response here. LOL

Lindsay said...

Haha...the pencil section was funny, but I think I laughed the most at the antique sex robot! Thanks for sharing