Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wilson Phillips

Tonight I touched Wendy Wilson's hand as she bent down from the stage. I also touched Carnie Wilson's hand, which was incredible, but the real rush came from Wendy. This all happened about half-way through the concert when they invited the audience to come up to the front and dance. Never in my life has anyone had to ask me twice if I wanted to dance, the answer is always YES! So up to the front me and my concert buddy, Katie, went where we sang and danced our hearts out. These three women were amazing. They look like slightly more mature versions of their album cover from 1990. And they sound fantastic, their harmonies are incredible. As a kid I remember listening to their songs and trying to guess who was singing the melody. It turns out that Chynna is generally taking the lead, with Carnie and Wendy on harmony. She's also the most energetic on stage. But Carnie really stole the spotlight between songs when they were talking to the audience, she's a character. At one point she kind of mooned us, but just half the butt. Shocking, but somehow very delightful in that it just added to the experience.
Chynna, Carnie, Wendy during the encore

What is my favorite Wilson Phillips song? Well, to be honest, the only time I listen to Wilson Phillips these days is when one of their songs comes on the radio. And of course their Christmas album. But thinking back to the days when I idolized them beyond compare and wanted to grow up to be a singer so I could be just like them, back then my favorite song was Eyes Like Twins.

Hearing them tonight brought back a ton of memories. I remember most vividly listening to them on the stereo with my mom while we were cleaning the house on Chicago. That was over 20 years ago. There were countless sleepovers where Lindsay and I would dance to their songs. She was always Chynna and I was Wendy, and we took our roles very seriously. When the songs ended, we stayed in character as long as possible, pretending to live the glamorous life of singers. These are little memories that I had forgotten about until the concert tonight, when they all hit me. It was incredible. I felt like my 7-year-old self would have been so happy! Going to this concert is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. It has been a wonderful night!


Carol said...

Looks like you had a great time. I always loved it when you and Lindsay sang, danced, and had "concerts" to entertain us.

Lindsay said...

I'm not sure why my comments aren't showing up.... So hopefully you're not getting multiple comments from me and I just can't see any of them!

Yes! I completely remember pretending we were them and singing their songs while dancing/jumping around on your trampoline! Good times... Sounds like that was a fun concert!