Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fletcher Canyon

Monday after work we decided to zip up to Mt. Charleston for a quick hike. Fletcher Canyon seemed appropriate because we didn't have much time before sunset and it is one of the first trailheads on the mountain- also, it's pretty quick and easy. This time, amazingly enough, we remembered to bring the camera along to capture our remembrances.

Within the first hundred yards we saw a deer- right after it saw us and ran away. Farther along we spotted another one, and got the camera out before it took off. There really is a deer in the picture, you just have to use your imagination.

The first part of the trail is just a leisurely walk in the woods. There's little possibility of getting lost as the trail is clearly marked and the surrounding vegetation is so dense it wouldn't be practical to wander around. Once you reach the running water (not clean) things get a little more exciting. There's a little rock scrambling, nothing an energetic dog or ambitious toddler
couldn't handle, and a few smaller trails that make you wonder if you're going the right way.
After a solid 45 minutes we arrived at the canyon portion of the trail. It is stunning. We got there just as the sun was running down the canyon walls for sunset. Even though it was getting pretty dark we decided to forge ahead and scramble over the canyon boulders- they looked too fun to pass up.

Once we turned back it was quite dark. Nobody else was on the trail, except potentially a murderer or two. Needless to say I was scared, as I always am when the moon is my only guide. We all but ran back, trying to get out of the forest and into sight of the road. It took us about 25 minutes, but we eventually saw the trail head, then the road, then…ahh, the car.

Other than the obvious mistake of hiking too late in the evening, this trip was great. The trail is located just past the Lodge and off to the right. There’s a turn-off and parking area across the street from the trailhead. Check it out, let me know if you like it!

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Ron said...

Night time adventures are always better when the boogey man is with you. I saw the deer!