Monday, October 12, 2009

Congratulations Christopher!

Even though today I am very busy with important things, I can’t overlook an opportunity to commemorate the triumph of family.  What spectacular event might I be referring to? Why, the establishment of the new world, of course! Let me start from the beginning: several years ago my dad’s family moved to the United States from Spain- a beautiful country that boasts an impressive pedigree in the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Pablo Picasso, Javier Bardem… the list goes on. Recently, after months of thorough genealogical digging, my grandma’s brother discovered a direct line from the inimitable Montoya’s to Christopher Columbus himself.  Having this kind of lineage makes me even more important than I already thought I was! Amazing! Enjoy this spectacular legacy; on the following list there are other semi-famous sea men who conquered high tides among rumors of scandal, but by far the most legendary is my 17th-great-grandfather Christopher Columbus. Here’s to you Papa Columbus.

(Due to personal safety considerations I've omitted the most current generations, including myself, my dad, grandma, and two more generations of my inestimable Spanish ancestors.)

 Antonio Jose Zamora 1797-? (married to Maria Reyes Benavides)
His father Antonio Martin Y Zamora 1755-1816 (married to Maria Margarita
Victoria Vallejos)
His father Juan Thomas Martin Y Zamora 1718-1787 (married to Barbara De
His mother Maria Martin De Zamora 1688-? (husband unkown)
Her father Luis Martin Serrano Miranda died 1701 (married to Maria De La
Vega Y Coca)
His mother Antonia De Miranda 1632-before 1690 (married to Luis Martin
Serrano II, son of the famous Captain Luis Martin Serrano I
    and Catalina De Salazar, daughter of the famous Sebastion Rodriquez De
Her mother Juliana Perez De Bustillo unknown (wife of Blas De Miranda)
Her mother Juana De Zamora De Baca unknown (wife of Captain Simon Perez De
Her mother Ana Maria De Arellano De Cordova Pacheco Ortiz 1563-1593 (wife
of Captain Cristobal Baca)
Her mother Juana De Toledo Colon De La Cueva Arellano Luna unknown (wife of
Francisco De Pacheco Y Coronado)
Her mother Maria De La Cueva Y Colon died 1600 (wife of Carlos De Luna
Her mother Juana Colon Y Toledo born 1512-1592 (wife of Luis Carvajal Cueva
Her father Diego Colon, 1st Duke of Veragua, 2nd Admiral of the Indies
1480-1526 (husband of Maria De oledo Y Rojas)
His father Cristobal Colon aka Christopher Columbus born 1451-1506
(Discoverer of The Americas)
  (married to Felipa Moniz Perestrella)


Ron said...

Impressive, can you get all that on a resume? :-) Here I thought, you were just from an average, good family.

Carol said...

I love genealogy so this is really interesting to me. I only hope this new relation information doesn't go to your head--remember, you REALLY aspire to be Napoleon NOT Columbus.