Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tamales and Tango

In 1988 Congress approved a month-long celebration embracing the cultures and traditions of those who trace their roots back to Spain, Mexico, and Central/South America. The festivities begin on September 15, the day five Central American countries declared their independence, with Mexico's independence day following on the 16th; it ends one month later on October 15. 
This is a culture with something for everyone, and enough passion to go around twice. Dancing and food are two things Latinos have figured out- there's nothing more invigorating than dancing with a Salvadoreño to Rompe, or eating at an impromptu bar-b-q with the best, freshest salsa you've ever tasted. Below I've compiled a short list of some of my favorite Hispanic authors, musicians, movies, etc. Also, there are a few more Hispanic Heritage events going on, and I've included those as well. Get in touch with your inner Rico Suave and celebrate Hispanic Heritage month!

In no particular order, other than the first author. If the translations aren't by Edith Grossman or Natasha Whimmer they're not worth reading. Note the conspicuous absence of Garcia Marquez.
Alvaro Mutis
Roberto Bolaño
Miguel de Cervantes
Paulo Coelho
Ernest Hemingway (not Hispanic, but sure does write passionately about Spain)

Next to the name of the band or artist I'm including a good introductory song or two. Understanding the lyrics is irrelevant, the conviction of their music needs no translation.
Manà Vivir sin aire, Manda una señal
Enrique Iglesias  Quizas
Juanes Volverte a ver
Shakira Estoy aqui, Las de la intuicion
Rodrigo Guitar concerto
Daddy Yankee Rompe, Impacto
Calle 13  Atrevete-te-te

The first two are Pedro Almodovar movies and can't really be explained, the rest have a brief summary.
All about my Mother
Voces Inocentes- true story of the Salvadorean civil war.
Once Upon a time in Mexico- if for no other reason than to see two of the most beautiful men on screen together, Enrique Iglesias and Antonio Bandero.
Coyotes- in English. Deals with two Americans' struggles as they illegally transport people into the US.

Honorable Mentions:
Salvador Dali- favorite Spanish artist
Penelope Cruz- favorite Spanish actress
Mexico City- favorite Spanish-speaking city

Tues. Oct 6 7:00 pm @ UNLV student union theatre (free)
Reading: Christina Garcia with the Black Mountain Institute will read from her new book Dreaming in Cuban.

Fri Oct 10 6:30-9 pm @ Springs Preserve ($10)
Las Vegas Latino Short Film Festival

Fri Oct 10 7:30 pm @ Green Valley Presbyterian Church (free)
Musica Lumina - chamber music concert with music by Villa Lobos

Ongoing until Oct 23 @ Winchester Cultural Center (free)
Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me- art exhibit by Miguel Rodriguez

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Ron said...

Interestingly, I love tamales, never tango'd and have 'dealt' with coyotes when I worked at McCarran Airport; when we profiled before it had a name....