Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let's sing another song boys, this one's grown old and bitter.

A legend was in town last week: Leonard Cohen, the man who has inspired so many people in so many ways, brought his thick chocolaty voice to Vegas, and I was there to see it all.
A talented staffer at the RJ wrote a fantastic review of the writer, poet, singer, and songwriter's concert which I will direct you to here:

Another great article about this amazing artist was written when the concert was announced last summer, and tells a little more about Cohen's background:

A few personal highlights of the concert were:
1) Finding out that I had inadvertantly bought myself a box seat. Nothing wrong with that!
2)Watching with delight each time Cohen waltzed on and off the stage. I just couldn't get enough of this guy-- he literally waltzed from one place to the next.
3) Every time a musician had a solo (and there were a-plenty) he would stand inconspicuously and clutch his fedora to his chest while enraptured with the music. Beautiful, his appreciation was so touching.
4) When he addressed the audience he spoke so lyrically and poetic, it is a pity I didn't write it all down. I remember him referring to his bassist as "the shepherd of our ensemble" or something to that effect. He has a extraordinary way with words.
5) I don't believe I ever once stopped smiling. There was no reason to, quite frankly. The man hasn't toured in 15 years and very well may never tour again, but this concert was so fulfilling I am confident that it will live on forever in my memory.

And finally, to share a personal story about how Leonard Cohen has touched and influenced me over the years: When I was in high school and a date was late picking me up again, I decided that rather than waiting passively I would write a song about it. And so, to the tune of Cohen's Lady Midnight, I produced a delightful song of hate for one Seth Page (I feel no need to protect his identity, after all, he was late). My mom was so amused by the song she had me perform it again for the video camera, where it will live forever in the realm of home movies. Thank you Leonard, I applaud you.


Ron said...

Sounds like a great concert to have attended. Interesting insight on Cohen, the name was familar to me, the links helped.

Carol said...

I've never heard of him, but you made me want to go listen to his music. Funny about the song you wrote!

Molli + Avery said...

I really think you should post the video of your song!! Why are you holding out on us!? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Em!