Monday, November 30, 2009

The last charges of Emily Montoya and her Immortals

Visit childhood homes of my grandparents
NYC (?)
Narrows (?)
Pacific Ocean (?)
Cedar Breaks

Thoroughly hike:
Red Red Rock NCA
Lake Mead NRA
Spring Mountains NRA

Camp in Death Valley
Go to Dumont w/dad
1/2 marathon relay at Railroad Tunnels
Kayak down Colorado river
Hike Desert NWR
Snowboarding (?)
Rock climbing at RR

(Things I've wanted to do but never have)
Celebrate La Posada
Dances of Universal Peace
Drum Circle
Lecture series at UNLV

(Ongoing Events):
Support Las Vegas' performing arts
Hit up the art exhibits in all the libraries
Make it out to the Springs preserve more often

I, like Umberto Eco, am a lover of lists. On account of my impending, and perhaps infinite, departure from Las Vegas and the country it resides in, I have compiled a list of activities and events I would like to conquer/attend/try before May 13, 2010*. This list is tentative and will be updated as I cross things off with the satisfied strike-through of completion, or when I think of something new to add.  Please have a look and let me know what my life and list need in order to make the most of my time here, particularly if you have any suggestions about volunteer opportunities. Keep in mind a few parameters: I'm broke as a joke; Count doesn't travel well (and I don't like to be away from him); my car is untrustworthy for distances that total more than 300 miles; my job doesn't allow much free time during weekdays; with a few exceptions I'd like to focus on Southern NV.
Let me know what you think I've been missing out on!

*It's kind of like a bucket list, but since I'm not dying, rather making a grand exit, let's call it: The last charges of Emily Montoya and her immortals, should anyone find the courage to join her in these daring adventures. Other working titles could be:
Chronicles of a Restless Wanderer
A Las Vegan's Extravaganza!
Emily the Grump: where adventure and cynicism meet
Debunking the "red head myth" with Emily and her fiery adventures
What happens in Vegas happens with Emily (and Count)
Behind Brown Eyes and the Wanderlust Therein


Carol said...

Where are you going?

Ron said...

All the rides on top of the Stratosphere on a cold winter's night (anyone can do it when warm), bike ride to Jean and back on the old LA highway. (not at night)... you be deported? good luck.

Emily said...

@Carol- Wherever the universe takes me.

@Ron- The Stratosphere sounds like fun, great suggestion! As for the lengthy bike ride, I'm not sure my physical condition can handle that but you did inspire me to dust off my bike and consider riding it more frequently!