Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Brush with Fame

This terrible picture is from my holiday work party (note: NPS knows how to treat its employees well during the holidays). The couple in question is Kim from work, and her husband "Mark" from The Mark and Natalie Show on 95.5 FM in the mornings. I showed up quite late and sat next to this fine pair. The first thing Mark said to me was, "Aren't you going to get something to eat?" to which I replied, "I don't eat this food." Well. That opened some doors. It started with him asking me what kind of food I did eat, and ended triumphantly with him sharing a graphic story involving himself, a bowl of Raisin Brand, and a toilet. Ew. Gross. But he is seriously funny and I laughed hysterically until he and his precious wife left us for the Garth Brooks show.
Cut to this afternoon at yet another holiday event, this one called Employee Appreciation (gifts for everyone, free lunch-- seriously, NPS is where it's at). Once again I sat near Kim and she, much to my delight and surprise, told me enthusiastically that I had been the topic of her husband's show this morning! Pretty cool, in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear the show, but she recapped the highlights for me and said he described meeting me and shared the conversation that resulted because of my crazy food preferences. I wish I had been clairvoyant enough to turn on my radio this morning, but just knowing my story was told is satisfying enough!

Since you asked, here are some more action shots from the night of our annual Christmas party. As you will see, I am not afraid to get down:

There was a 4-man dance-off that I was involuntarily a part of. Feast your eyes on some sweet moves...

Things got off on the right foot with the Lawnmower, always a classic.

Look out! Here comes the Sprinkler!


Laura, the responsible one

My boss Ellen

Me, Laura, and the Village Idiot (whoops! haha, what I mean by that is Virginia)

Party People

It was a really fun night, I couldn't have asked for more!


Carol said...

What a wild woman!

Ron said...

NPS (?) Where can I get a job app? Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Brenda said...

Who won the contest and what was the prize?