Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to my life. Get comfy, stay a while.

My plates are expired.
Not a big deal, just renew them online or at the smog check place.
Nope, can't. 
My license is suspended.

Nine months ago the DMV sent me a postcard asking for insurance verification. I contacted my prior insurance company and asked them to send the DMV what it wanted. Having been reassured that the matter would be taken care of that same day, I proceeded to drive along none the wiser. I even got pulled over once, explained the situation to the cop, and was let go with a "Have a nice day". Fast forward to this morning when I went to the DMV to renew my registration. Imagine my shock when the employee informed me that my license has been expired for NINE MONTHS! Are you kidding me?? Are you kidding me? If I had been pulled over they could have impounded my car, she informs me. Awesome. This is wonderful news. 

Before I go any further, let me tell you why I left my original insurance company in the first place. Several months after I signed on with them they realized a clerical error of undercharging me. Because I had not committed the error, I refused to pay. Ultimately I decided this was not the right insurance company for me because it was being run by an office of nincompoops, so I switched to a more reputable company. 

Back to today. Despite my illegal status, I drove to the insurance's office in order to straighten all this out in person. My lucky day, the grumpiest lady in the world was working! She wasn't concerned about anything other than the test she seemed to be studying for. There were a few phone calls made, and a few nods in my general direction when responding to a question, but other than that she could have been replaced with a cardboard box and there would have been no detectable difference. When I explained that this was a huge inconvenience because the matter should have been solved 9 months  ago, but thanks to her company's incompetence it was NOT SOLVED, she just looked at me. Or through me, I couldn't really tell. 

With me there is not a lot of middle ground-- it's either passive or full on crazy, angry, and violent. So I sat calmly, waited until she gave me the verdict "by tomorrow morning" and left knowing that I would be filing a complaint with the better business bureau regarding the awesome stupidity of this company's employees. 

Just a tip, if you're looking to change your car insurance, send money to Mexico, start a small business or rent an apartment, among other services they provide, stay away from Vision Insurance located on 3650 South Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103-5866. If you like making prank phone calls, here's their number, go nuts! (702) 873-0566

*PUNCH* This one's for you grumpy lady!!

Kick to the face!!

Just when you think I'm gonna zig, I zag.

Just working on a little upper body strength.


Carol said...

I felt like screaming just reading what you went through. With people so desperate for jobs, you'd think people would be a little more courteous so they could hang on to their job. I did laugh as I read it, but only in a good way.

Ron said...

I hate nincompoops! I hate DMV too. Wait, I repeated myself, you have to be a nicompoop to be a DMV employee! And, don't even think about moving out of state without giving them back your un-used NV lic's spelled SUSPENDED LIC PLATES and if you ever return, you have to clear this up before you get new plates.

AndreainLV said...

You are hilarious!! I love your blogs!! I feel your pain and hate nincompoops. I'm gonna have to start doing some prank calling when i'm bored......