Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Cobbler...

It started with a little lost peregrine, stuck at the bottom of a cliff on Lake Mead.

He was too young to fly back to safety-- luckily a trained wildlife biologist was near.

The rescue.

Joe checking the wings; little Cobbler wasn't hurt, just too young to make it back up the cliff.

What a stud! (Those little white feathers are the last of his down.)

I cannot think of a better job-- this morning I held a peregrine, holy cow!

Little Cobbie, back on the cliff safe and sound.

His dad, who observed the entire transaction from a few feet away. The adults are a lot less calm, and a lot more likely to bite.


Ron said...

Way cool, and yes, you have a great job... wait, who's the stud, Joe or the young falcon cause I can't tell....... :-)

Carol said...

That's amazing! I'm totally jealous of your job.