Monday, July 12, 2010

California dreaming...

Last week Joe and I met up with the rest of my family in Coronado, CA for 4th of July and then some. The weather there is just about perfect, especially coming from the 100+ heat here in Vegas. Every night we slept up on the roof, and with the morning sun and crisp cool breeze of the nearby ocean, came birds flying overhead with fish in their mouths. It was, as you can imagine, lovely.

The first day was spent at the beach. I made up a new game called "Jump over the waves while fully clothed." Nobody wanted to play that game with me.

 Later Grant, Amanda and Joe went boogie boarding; I had lost interest in that cold body of water and took a nap on the beach instead. (I took full advantage of napping throughout the day-- on the roof, on the patio, pretty much anywhere...)

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo. Yay! It was ridiculously fun, super crowded, and very very cool. My favorite part was the reptile house, with the Condors coming in a close second.

On Tuesday we headed home, trying our best to avoid I-15. We went through Anzo-Borrega to the Saltan Sea, then on through Joshua Tree, and finally skirted Mojave National Preserve. It was delightfully scenic, and we stumbled upon some awesome Mexican food in a town that actually looked quite a bit like a little pueblito from south of the border.
Greeting from the Saltan Sea

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Ron said...

I thought people only slept on a roof when the stumbled up there, drunk... oh wait, I'm thinking of my army days. You didn't say how sucessful you were avoiding I-15, but the awesome Mexican food sounds great. Nice trip.