Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All this time and no place to go

As a much needed respite from my day-to-day routine, I'd like to take a few days and go somewhere fun. I have Thursday-Sunday off, but preferably will be home by Saturday night. Any suggestions? Tent camping will take care of lodging, and hiking boots will provide ample entertainment, the exact location is what I can't settle upon. Organ Pipe would be nice, and not terribly crowded: 
 Drive a lonely road, towards a canyon with a surprise.

Zion and Bryce will be pretty cold for camping, but they're so beautiful that maybe it would be bareable?
View from Sunset Point, snow blankets the hoodoos
Err, maybe not...

Then there's California with Sequoia/ Kings Canyon. Fall is supposed to be a great time of year to visit but it will also be pretty cold.
Hikers in a sequoia grove

Thoughts?? Send me somewhere beautiful, and not too cold. I'll report back with pictures and a full narritive :)


Ron said...

I vote for the CA beach, if you can find a camp ground... too bad you lost your job. sittin' around doing nothing and being paid is tuff...

Carol said...

It's pretty cold in UT right now, so I'd go to the beach if I were you.