Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh, the Places We'll Go

Now that I have a husband, it seems prudent to create a list of things to do during our lifetime (Joe, it should be noted, had nothing to do with the creation of this list but by default he’s coming along for the ride). Some people call this type of thing a Bucket List but not me. That terminology is just asking for trouble. Anyway, our interests change so frequently that I can hardly presume to know what things we will want to complete before death. This is something I realized as I began compiling the list. One potential route would be to minimize the time period from ‘Entire Life’ to ‘Summer 2012’ or just ‘2012’, but that is restrictive because there are things that I know we want to do but won’t be able to squeeze into this year. What I’ve settled on is a very short list of activities that Joe and I will complete—the sooner the better—and I’ve given an explanation for each, understanding that the list will grow with time. Eventually I’ll add a more immediate list of things to do before the year is over, but for now behold The List:

  #1 Read every book written by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
a.       Visit Russia, using Tolstoy and Dostoevsky as tour guides

Those two guys have had me dreaming about visiting Russia for a long time. I even gave a very half-hearted plea to go to Russia for our honeymoon. That didn’t work, but the next best thing is to reward ourselves with a trip after reading the complete works of both authors.

#2 See Brandi Carlile and Ray LaMontagne in concert

We really like both of these singers, and at some point in my life it would be super awesome to go to a live concert. Even better if they’re touring together.

#3 Own the original piece of my favorite art (assuming I ever find my favorite piece)

This just means that if I find a piece of art that I really love, and I feel like I will keep on loving, I should try to purchase the original rather than a print. So far I haven’t found anything that fits the bill, but with this on my list I may not feel guilty about putting large sums of money towards a wall hanging.

      #4 Play in a band, preferably with my old band mates
KEB, our band at Brecken's weddding

In high school I was in a band and the result was a lot of really funny memories. It seems like every time someone is willing, we always end up singing or dancing. And on the rare occasion when Joe agrees to whatever I want, my first point of action is to pull out the guitar and sing a duet together—why not put all that talent into an official band?

#5  Speak German

In college I had a plan to learn German, move to Germany, then learn Russian. All before I was 25. Needless to say none of that happened, but at the very least I’d still love to understand German grammar. It’s a beautiful language and a very important language to music and art.
      #6  Live in another country
Bariloche, Argentina

Not forever, but maybe 6 months to a year. It would be really amazing to experience another culture as close up as possible. My first choice would be Argentina or somewhere else in South America. Other appropriate options would be Spain, Germany, or Russia (assuming we both already know the language for either of the last two).  

And that’s it for The List. Any advice from your own list?


Just Carol said...

Sounds like a fun list of things to do. Maybe Marianne can help you with your German. LOL! Congratulations on being a married person!

Ron said...

thats quite a list. and, yes, congrats on being married. (I would opt for other reading material though...but thats me)