Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guess where we're going on our honeymoon...

Appropriate reading materials

Somehow, in one of those rare instances when everything comes together just right, Joe and I managed to pull together a month-long honeymoon.  It is the perfect storm of ideal occurrences—my work responsibilities will slow down, Joe’s peregrines are all leaving the nest for the year, and we both have some savings lying around waiting to be spent. So why not go on a hefty trip? I realize that the countries we’re going to don’t necessarily hold the same appeal as many other places on this planet, but our agenda is based entirely on countries we've been wanting to experience for quite some time.

The rough layout will go something like this, 10 days in Romania, 10 days in Bulgaria, 5 days in Macedonia, 5 days in Albania, and 1 hectic day seeing everything we can in Athens, Greece before hopping on the plane for home.  

Things have been pretty busy up til recently, so we’ve only just begun planning the details of the trip. I’m getting more excited each day as I read more and more about these places.  The most I knew about Romania, outside of Joe’s experiences, was the heavy human trafficking industry they have going on there. Its proximity to Russia and Western Europe make it an ideal spot, evidently. Turns out there’s way more to that country and I’m loving every sentence I read. This morning we finished chapter 1 of ‘Teach Yourself Romanian’. It was not as easy as I had hoped, but still, it’s really fun to get the basics of another language.

For most of the trip we’ll stay in the mountains (Carpathians and Balkans), sleeping in mountain huts and carrying all our belongings in our very large backpacks. We’ll get around by train and bus when needed, and occasionally a bike rental will come into play. Overall, my impression is that this is going to be an amazing trip and I can’t wait to get out there. 

If you have any suggestions for places to see, or reading materials (movies count) please pass them on! 


Brenda said...

Lea Bedabone just came back from her 18 month mission in Romania. She arrived Wednesday. She may be someone you want to meet with for a little help with the language. She is darling and I am certain she would love help with the language and tell you about where she served! If you want we could have her over for dinner with you and Joe.

Just Carol said...

Sounds so exciting--I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun!

Ron said...

this itinerary doesn't surprise me knowing you... no luxury hotels sea-side. I'm envious only of the bike riding you'll do. You can keep the "carry-in-everything-you-need-stuff." Oh, and maybe envious of the Greek foods you'll eat.